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    SOS Trucking Software and Motive

    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > App Marketplace



    SOS Trucking Software leverages Motive’s GPS data to pinpoint the live location of your trucks and drivers for each shipment in the TMS to ensure that you never lose track of your freight.

    Integration Benefits

    • SOS Trucking Software and Motive collaborate effortlessly, providing a powerful solution for your trucking operations.
    • By integrating, you gain real-time insights into driver location, truck status, and hours of service (HOS). Imagine viewing all this critical information right on the same map!
    • Your Customer Service Representatives, Dispatchers, and Customers benefit from enhanced visibility, enabling efficient planning, dispatching, and streamlined shipment tracking.
    • With SOS and Motive, you’re equipped to operate more effectively than ever before.

    System Requirements

    SOS Trucking Software

    • You must be a SOS Trucking Software customer


    • Starter, Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan


    Steps: Enabling SOS Trucking Software integration with Motive App Marketplace

    This integration is powered by OAuth 2.0 and is enabled the instant the customer installs the integration from the Motive Marketplace.

    Note: On the Motive standalone marketplace, click the “Get this App button”.


    1. To install the app from the Motive embedded Marketplace, Log into Motive Dashboard and click the Marketplace option in the left-hand menu.


    2. Search for SOS Software in the search bar and click open the tile.

    3. Click Install.

    4. Once you’ve clicked Install, a pop-up banner appears; click Install. This authenticates the integration and redirects you to the Success page.


    Support for Integration

    SOS Trucking Software

    Motive Support

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