How to enable Clearfork integration

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Pro & Enterprise Subscription



    Clearfork Risk and Insurance Services is a reputable provider specializing in commercial trucking insurance, offering tailored solutions designed specifically for the transport industry. With extensive experience in the insurance sector, they assist clients in mitigating risks and preparing for unforeseen circumstances.


    Integration Benefits

    • Specialization in commercial trucking insurance, ensuring tailored solutions for the transport industry.

    • Customized coverage designed to address specific industry risks and challenges.

    • Extensive experience in the insurance sector, offering valuable insights and guidance.

    • Proactive risk management to help customers mitigate potential losses and protect their businesses.


    Motive Subscription:

    • Pro or Enterprise Subscription

    Integration Steps: 

    • Locate the tile on the App marketplace
    • Click the “Get this App button”.
    • You will then be redirected to the Clearfork URL and should see a success message.


    Support for Integration

    Clearfork Support Phone:

    +1 (336) 483-6007

    Clearfork Support Email:

    Motive Support Phone:

    +1 (855) 434-3564

    Motive Support Email:

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