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    PrePass Users, Fleet Admin, and Drivers

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    PrePass is a leading provider of nationwide bypass, safety alert, toll management, and data insights provider (now) integrated with Motive.


    Integration Benefits

    • PrePass offers over 500 fixed and mobile weigh station bypass opportunities across North America.
    • Save time, fuel, and money while increasing on-duty drive time, reducing toll and fuel costs, decreasing vehicle wear, and improving driver retention.
    • Simplified toll payment services with a consolidated statement and discounted toll rates.
    • PrePass provides toll software tools that offer reporting insights into toll costs, potential toll fraud, and toll dispute updates.

    System Requirements


    • You must be a PrePass customer


    • Starter, Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan


    Steps: Enabling PrePass integration with Motive App Marketplace

    This integration is powered by OAuth 2.0 and is enabled the instant the customer installs the integration from the Motive Marketplace.

    Note: On the Motive standalone marketplace, click the “Get this App button”.


    Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 9.44.48 PM.png

    1. To install the app from the Motive embedded Marketplace, Log into Motive Dashboard and click the Marketplace option in the left-hand menu.

    2. Search for PrePass in the search bar and click open the tile.

    3. Click Install.

    4. Once you’ve clicked Install, a pop-up banner appears; click Install. This authenticates the integration and redirects you to the PrePass website.


    Support for Integration


    Motive Support

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