How to enable the Comdata Fuel integration (Beta)


    Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins. 

    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > App Marketplace


    Automatically import fuel purchases from Comdata-issued fuel cards to the Motive dashboard.

    Integration Benefits

    • Eliminates the hassle of manual fuel data upload from Comdata.  
    • Provides users with unparalleled visibility into their fuel metrics. 
    • Tracks every fuel purchase, monitor usage trends, and ensure compliance with regulations.  
    • Generates customised reports on fuel performance, IFTA compliance, and providing deeper insights to make strategic decisions with ease.

    System Requirements


    • Data Sharing Agreement 
    • Enable Data Feeds 
    • Company Code 


    • Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan

    Steps: Enabling Comdata Fuel Integration with Motive App Marketplace

    1. To install the app from the Motive embedded Marketplace, Log into Motive Dashboard and click the Marketplace option in the left-hand menu.
    2. Search for Comdata Fuel Card (Beta) in the search bar and click open the tile.
    3. Click Install. 
    4. Once you’ve clicked Install, a pop-up banner appears; click Install. 
    5. This will create a case for the Motive Developer Support team. 
    6. Motive team will reach out to Comdata to the enable the data feeds. 
    7. Comdata will share data sharing agreement with the customer and enable the data feeds. 
    8. Motive team will further coordinate with the customer to enable the integration. 

    Support for Integration


    • 844-282-1582

    Motive Support

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