How to enable Coverfleet Reporting Service integration

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Pro & Enterprise Subscription



    CoverFleet team is comprised of Transportation, Insurance, and Software Executives. The Coverfleet program and platform help reduce insurance premiums and litigation risks associated with high CSA scores.
    CoverFleet is proud to be a member of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which helps improve commercial motor vehicle safety and uniformity throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

    Integration Benefits

    • Automatically collect driver and fleet data from Motive for further processing.

    • Provide clients with comprehensive reporting and data analysis.

    • Assist fleet managers and insurance providers in decision-making, risk assessment, and fleet management process.

    • Current products include Fleet Performance Report, Fleet Incident Report, and CSA Score Forecasting through ProVision.


    Motive Subscription:

    • Pro or Enterprise Subscription

    Integration Steps: 

    • Locate the tile on the App marketplace
    • The user will have to click the “Get this App button”.
    • Our API Support team will reach out for confirmation and then enable the integration.

    Support for Integration

    CoverFleet Support Phone:

    +1 (305) 928-3067

    CoverFleet Support Email:

    Motive Support Phone:

    +1 (855) 434-3564

    Motive Support Email:

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