How to enable the AssetWorks integration


    Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins. 

    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > App Marketplace



    Effortlessly sync your fleet data with AssetWorks for proactive maintenance.

    Integration Benefits

    • Fault Code Synchronization: Sync fault codes to promptly identify and address issues.
    • Meter Readings and Engine Hours Sync: Automatically update meter readings and engine hours of assets and vehicles for accurate maintenance scheduling.
    • Vehicle & Asset Location Tracking: Continuously sync vehicle and Asset locations for improved tracking and management.
    • Enhanced Asset Visibility: Improve asset monitoring and management through synchronized data.
    • Streamlined Maintenance Processes: Optimize maintenance workflows for increased efficiency.

    System Requirements


    • Client ID 
    • Client Secret 


    • Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan

    Steps: Enabling AssetWorks Integration with Motive App Marketplace

    1. Log into the Motive Dashboard: Click on the Marketplace option in the left-hand menu.
    2. Search for AssetWorks: Use the search bar to find the AssetWorks and click on its tile.
    3. Install the App: Click "Install." When a pop-up banner appears, click "Install" again.
    4. Case Creation: This action creates a case for the Motive support team.
    5. Motive Support Contact: The Motive support team will reach out to you for the next step. 
    6. Enable Integration: The Motive team further work with you to enable the integration.

    Support for Integration

    Motive Support

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