How to enable Trip Images on Motive Fleet Dashboard?

    Audience  Fleet Admin 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Admin 



    Fleet Admins can enable the trip images feature to automatically capture images at each engine start/stop event, and once an hour in between. These images are taken by our industry-leading Smart Dashcam and help the Fleet Admin understand the camera viewpoint, ensuring the camera was installed correctly.


    Steps: Enabling Trip Images

     1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard, click on Admin in the left side-menu.

    Admin new.png

    2. From the panel on the left-hand side, select Safety.

    3. Click Edit for Dashcam.

    Screenshot (73).png

    4. Click on Capture trip images every hour

    5. Click Save.

    Screenshot (76).png

    Check out this feature on the Motive Fleet Dashboard here , and for the Motive Fleet App, read here .


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