Transplus Driver Workflow integration with Motive Driver App

    Audience  Drivers, Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To TMS Driver workflow version 6.6.37, Motive Driver App, Enterprise Subscription



    The Transplus Integration with Motive allows dispatchers to send loads with automated arrival and departure times based on the HOS available in the drivers’ clocks. 


    Integration Benefits


    • The integration enables seamless communications between dispatchers and drivers and eliminates unnecessary calls.
    • Dispatchers can use the HOS data shared directly from Morive to better plan and schedule dispatches.
    • Dispatchers can track vehicles live in conjunction with vehicle location, HOS, and projected ETA data rather than calling or texting drivers to get ETA’s and current locations.
    • The ability to share documents with dispatchers using the TMS helps them to use one platform for every dispatch.

    System Requirements


    • The minimum version of TransPlus required for Motive integration is 6.6.37


    • An API key needs to be generated for the account and company enabled for this feature.
    • Enterprise Subscription.


    Steps: Enabling Transplus integration with Motive Driver App


    Note: The integration is highly customizable. If you require any further changes to forms you can contact the Motive Customer Success Manager assigned to your account.

    This is a 2-way integration and requires configuration at Transplus’s end as well as Motive’s end. The process for enablement is as follows:

    1. Reach out to Transplus or Motive. Reach out to Transplus if you are a non-existing customer of Transplus.
    2. Inform Motive that you have subscribed to Transplus for this integration. Motive makes sure that you are on the right subscription package with Motive.
    3. Motive’s Professional Services team holds a kickoff call with you and enables the integration as per your needs. The integration is customizable for each carrier’s specific needs. You’re assigned an implementer at Motive end in the kick-off call.
    4. Motive’s implementer will provide you with the information required by Transplus to configure their end.
    5. Once you relay the information given by Motive to Transplus, you're assigned an implementer at Transplus end.
    6. Transplus’s implementer deploys the integration.
    7. Motive’s implementer makes sure that the integration is live.


    Support for Integration

    Transplus Support

    Email : 

    Phone: +1 800-257-9548

    Motive Support

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