TruckMate integration with Motive Driver App

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    Applies To Motive Driver App, TruckMate version 20.4, Enterprise Subscription



    Truckmate application integration with the Motive Driver App workflow simplifies remote task allocation to in-field drivers. This mobile solution allows drivers to receive the details regarding their jobs that they are assigned and job statuses are communicated back to TruckMate. 

    The integration eliminates manual administration as well as the need to coordinate or update Drivers via phone. It saves time and money and increases the efficiency and productivity of the fleet. 


    Note: You can only enable this integration on Motive Enterprise Subscription and TruckMate version 20.4. 


    Integration Benefits


    • Fleet Admins can send dispatch forms to drivers directly via Motive Driver App. 
    • Drivers can fill out the form entries and update the fleet admins in real-time. 
    • Drivers can receive dispatches in the Motive Driver App with each load’s details and can fill out each load stop information form to update the dispatchers about the load’s status and ETA. 
    • Fleet Admins can use fully-customizable forms for load information. 


    • Drivers and dispatchers can have two-way messaging communication with this new integration to eliminate unnecessary calls. 

    Vehicle Tracking

    • Dispatchers can track vehicle location, HOS, and projected ETA with this integration without calling or texting the driver. 


    System Requirements


    • V 20.4                   


    • Enterprise Subscription


    Steps: Enabling TruckMate integration with Motive Driver App

    1. Reach out to TruckMate or Motive(App Marketplace tile or email to API Support). Reach out to TruckMate if you are a non-existing customer of TruckMate.

    2. Inform Motive that you have subscribed to TruckMate for this integration. Motive makes sure that you are on the right subscription package with Motive.

    3. The integration requires professional services from TruckMate and requires assistance from their Inside Sales team to enable the integration on your Motive account.

    4. TruckMate will explain the integration to you and can cover any additional software and implementation fees necessary to enable the integration. This step can typically be completed over a phone call but might require more time to ensure the integration was successfully implemented from TruckMate’s side.

    5. The Motive Professional Services team holds a kickoff call with you and enables the integration as per your needs. This integration is customizable for each carrier’s specific needs. You’re assigned an implementer at the Motive end in the kick-off call.

    6. The Motive implementer provides you with the information required by TruckMate to configure their end. 

    7. Once you relay the information given by Motive to TruckMate, you’re assigned an implementer at TruckMate's end.

    8. TruckMate implementer deploys the integration and ensures that the integration is completed and ready to go live for you.

    9. Motive makes sure everything is complete and integration is live.



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