Strategy Live Integration with Motive Driver App

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Motive Driver App, Motive Enterprise subscription



    The Strategy Live automatically sends Motive equipped drivers all the required dispatch information as the driver’s available hours and GPS position reports are automatically available.


    Integration Benefits 


    • The integration provides a dispatch and scheduling solution for fleets. 
    • The services of quotes management and fleet maintenance are available.
    • Dispatch will automatically receive GPS position information. 
    • Through their dispatch analytics, dispatchers can better allocate and assign loads to drivers based on their remaining Motive HOS information. 


    System Requirements 

    Strategy Live

    • All versions of Strategy Live are integrated with Motive. 


    • The integration is available for customers with the Enterprise package at Motive. 


    Steps: Enabling Live Integration with Motive Driver App 

    Strategy live integration is built on a Private API key. Once the customer requests to install the tile, a Key is created by the support team. 

    Follow these complete steps to integrate with this partner.


    1. Click on GET THIS APP on Strategy Live’s tile. 
    2. Click on INSTALL to give permissions to share your data with Strategy live. 
    3. Your request gets submitted to our API Support team. 
    4. Our Support team creates an API key for you and reaches out to you. 
    5. You can share the Key to the partner to give them access. 


    Support for Integration

    Strategy Live Support

    Phone: 800-407-7771

    Motive Support 

    Contact us


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