Axis TMS Pro Integration with Motive Driver App

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Motive Driver App, Axis TMS Subscription,  Starter, Pro or Enterprise package



    Axis offers powerful trucking software with the streamlined necessary tools you need to smoothly run your trucking business. With the Motive integration you will no longer have to jump between multiple screens, everything will be displayed and connected to one dashboard.  


    Integration Benefits 


    • The Axis TMS/Motive system updates loads with live tracking updates. As a result, you no longer need to add updates manually. 
    • You get a custom Hours of Service (HOS) page that displays all HOS data on a single page. HOS information displays before assigning loads to drivers to assist in pre planning. 
    • Download quarterly IFTA reports that pull in data directly from Motive. 
    • View fuel remaining for each truck before dispatching.
    • View vehicle speed (MPH) information. 
    • View odometer readings and engine hours to help schedule maintenance and keep up to date with Maintenance.


    System Requirements 

    Axis TMS: 

    • Axis is totally Web and Cloud Based. In order to get all of this from Axis TMS you require a web browser from any device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone) and a Axis TMS Subscription.


    • Axis TMS integration is built on a Private API key. Once the customer requests to Install the Tile, a private Key will be provided to the customer that needs to go to AXIS TMS team in order to enable the integration.
    • The integration is available for customers at the Starter, Pro and Enterprise package at Motive. 


    Steps: Enabling Axis TMS Pro Integration with Motive Driver App

    1. To get started, click the link while logged in: Axis TMS Pro | Transportation Management System
    2. To configure your settings, click on Add-on modules
    3. Scroll down to the ELD section and activate the ELD. Select Activate ELD
    4. Select Motive
    5. Enter in your company API token and click Save. At that point you have enabled this time saving technology.

    Note: For pricing, please reach out to your Strategy live point of contact.



    1. Click GET THIS APP on the Axis TMS tile
    2. Click INSTALL to give permissions to share your data with Axis TMS. 
    3. Your request will be submitted to our API Support team. 
    4. Our Support team will create an API key for you and will reach out to you. 
    5. You can share the Key to the partner to give them access. 


    Support for Integration

    Axis Pro TMS Support 


    Motive Support 

    Contact us


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