How to uninstall or remove Dashcam from the Vehicle

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    Applies To Motive Dashcam



    The Motive Dashcam works alongside the Motive Vehicle Gateway to instantly record video footage along with other features depending on the Dashcam model. The following steps guide on how to remove the Dashcam from the Vehicle.


    Steps: Uninstalling or removing the Dashcam from the Vehicle

    1. Locate the Dashcam in the vehicle.

    2. Unplug the Dashcam's USB cable from the Vehicle Gateway's USB port.install smart dashcam6.jpeg

    3. Clean the USB port of the Vehicle Gateway with the alcohol swab.

    4. Use WD-40 spray or dental floss to remove the Dashcam from the windshield.

    5. Clean the mounting location with the alcohol swab.

    Note: Motive Dashcam is plug-and-play therefore it does not require to be assigned or unassigned from the Vehicle Profile.


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