Motive's Safety Policy Considerations for your company

    When implementing Motive’s safety features for your business, you should initially establish a safety policy for your company that is reviewed annually.  Safety policy development should align with a company's current structure and address the following areas at a minimum: 

    ● Video Event Access 

    • Who in the organization controls access to events? 
      • Administrative Control 
        • Identify someone in the organization who will be responsible for giving and restricting access to the controls of the program.
      • Live function (if activated)
        • Limit individuals will be granted access to the streaming function, keeping in mind this might be a sensitive topic for the drivers.
      • Hierarchy and Coaching Access
        • Should all coaches have access to the entire driver fleet or only those within their terminal / managed control?
      • Downloading Privileges
        • Identify who has access to this capability for liability protection within the organization

    ● Claims Handling 

    • Anticipation of Legal Challenge (Consult your legal counsel) 
      • Preservation of Records
        • What process will be enacted when protecting critical event data at the time of an incident?

    ● Record Retention

    • Review existing policies to align technology implementation 
      • Retention thresholds should be considered in regard to event captures, coaching notes and data points should be addressed

    ● Progressive Discipline 

    • Should a “ramp period” of no discipline be considered for technology implementation? 
    • Are tolerance levels given to certain behaviors? 
    • Does your current process include a disciplinary matrix or scoring thresholds that should be integrated? 
    • What, if any, coaching allowances should be given before progressive discipline is applied? 
    • Should new safety clearance considerations (terminating circumstances) be set for certain technology behaviors?


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