Motive Privacy Considerations

    At Motive, we not only strive to securely maintain customer data but also to help you comply with laws that may govern the use of our products. As an employer and data controller, it is your responsibility to check with and ensure compliance with laws and/or internal policies that may affect your business. Certain regulations and/or internal policies may grant your Drivers or other employees and contractors rights and steps should be taken to ensure those rights are maintained. Items to consider, for example, may include: 

    • Company Driver privacy policies, which adequately notify Drivers on the scope of the collection, use, sharing, and retention of personally identifiable information (including video images, biometrics, or captured audio) and obtain any necessary consents to do so.
    • Requirements for exterior and interior signage notifying Drivers, passengers, passerby, or other road users that video may be recorded and live-streamed.
    • Appropriate internal access controls to Driver data, such as Live-Streaming, audio recording, or other personally identifiable information of your Driver employees or contractors.
    • Regulations governing the recording of union activity, or other areas with an expected right to privacy in the workplace.
    • State and federal call, audio, and video recording consent statutes.
    • Data Privacy Impact Assessment requirements, as mandated by certain international privacy regulations, prior to implementing any new collection or processing of data that significantly impacts the privacy rights of affected individuals or data subjects

    While the above is not intended as an exhaustive list of all privacy considerations that may affect your company, implementing a transparent and comprehensive Driver privacy policy will help your company ensure compliance with national and local laws, as well as maintain the integrity of personally identifiable information under your control. 


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