Per Diem Gold Integration with Motive App Marketplace

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    Atlantic HR Solutions Per Diem Gold automates driver per diem to maximize permissible tax savings and maintain 100% IRS compliance for drivers and fleets by leveraging Motive ELD information. Also, Driver and Fleet phone support are provided for all Per Diem-related questions or concerns, freeing a fleet to focus on its core business.


    Integration Benefits

    • This integration from Atlantic HR Solutions (AHRS) downloads an updated list of active drivers and ELD status changes daily.
    • Drivers are activated with AHRS through web services or websites providing domicile zip codes for each driver.
    • Reports can be generated on demand, daily or weekly, and delivered to customers for inclusion in payroll. AHRS will help with setup and answer all questions.

    System Requirements

    Per Diem Gold

    Depending on the payroll system some ancillary integration may be required. Per Diem Gold sales team can identify and guide accordingly. The sales team can be contacted at


    • Available on subscription packages.


    Steps: Enabling Per Diem Gold integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Note: This is a 1-way integration and depending on the payroll system may require ancillary integration.


    1. Reach out to Per Diem Gold or Motive.


    Note: The optimal way is to reach out to Per Diem Gold if you are a non-existing customer of Per Diem Gold.


    2. You can proceed once the Per Diem Gold sales team has onboarded you and identified whether an ancillary integration is required.
    3. To connect, please log in to the Motive dashboard and navigate the Marketplace tab.
    4. Search for Per Diem Gold and click on the install button
    5. After you have completed the above process Motive developer support team will reach out to you with email alias
    6. The Motive team confirms over email that you consent to this integration connection.
    7. Once you have consented, an API key is generated for your company.
    8. You can see this key on your dashboard in admin mode, navigate to developers, and then API access.
    9. Copy this key and share it with your point of contact at Per Diem Gold.
    10. Once Per Diem Gold receives the key, their team configures it to complete the integration.


    Support for Integration

    Per Diem Gold

    • Email:
    • Phone: +1 800-577-3163

    Motive Support


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