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    Welcome to Motive! We’re happy to have you on board for Motive Card, the best-in-class product that brings Fleet management and spend management together in one place. Please review the details below to make the most of your Motive Card.

    What is a Motive Card?

    Motive Card is a smart payment solution offered by Motive. It comes with an advanced integrated credit card management mechanism. Where it allows the drivers to pay for fuel and other fleet-related expenses in one go, it helps Fleet Admins and Managers to have better control over their fleets' expenses as well.

    How Motive Card Helps You

    Motive Cards offers the following benefits for the Drivers and Fleet Managers:

    • Fleet users can manage business expenses effectively across drivers.
    • Discounts at some of the most popular fuel stops save your fleet money.
    • Drivers can use a single card to pay for fuel, tolls, parking, and vehicle maintenance to save time and trips to ATMs

    How Does a Motive Card Work?

    A Motive Card is accepted anywhere that accepts Mastercard and integrates seamlessly with your Motive Fleet Dashboard to provide insights into your fleet’s spending. Transaction details show how many gallons of fuel were pumped, the price per gallon, and the savings delivered by the Motive Card for that transaction.

    Motive Card Transaction History/Spend Limits

    1. What is Motive Card Hub in the Driver App?

    Motive Card Hub is a new addition to the Motive Driver App and all cardholders will be able to see the option ‘Motive Card’ in the left navigation/hamburger menu. It is available for all cardholders with active or suspended cards, and also available for cardholders who are part of a fleet that has cards assigned to vehicles.


    A new tile for ‘Motive Card’ has been added to all default Driver Hub templates. In order to activate this tile for the custom Driver Hub templates, the Fleet Admins/Managers need to go to Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Driver App > Edit Template > Quick Links > Enable Motive Card. Once activated it will be available with the other tiles.


    After tapping the Motive Card menu option or tile, the users will be able to view the Spend Limits section, Recent Transactions section, and Help & Support section.


    With Motive Card

    • Cardholders can get information about the available spending limits, time limits, and spend categories directly in the Driver App.
    • Cardholders can also view their transaction history and details of each transaction, along with the reason if any transaction was declined. They can understand the usage of the Motive card with time and place for which it was used along with the amount.

    1. Spend Limits

    If you tap the Spend Limits section, the users can get details of different types of spend limits:-

    • Per transaction limit
    • Daily limit
    • Weekly limit
    • Monthly limit
    • Billing cycle limit
    • Time limits (when the card can be used)
    • Spend category limits (where the card can be used)


    If there is a time limit set by a Fleet Admin/ Manager, the card cannot be used outside of the time limit and users will be notified by a message at the top of the Card Hub screen.


    If a card is frozen by the Fleet Admin, the card cannot be used and users will be notified by a message at the top of the Card Hub screen.



    2. Recent Transactions

    If the user taps the Recent Transactions section on the Card Hub screen, another screen appears with a summary list of the transaction history of the cardholder.


    Selecting a particular transaction provides details of that transaction along with the transaction status (posted, declined, etc.)


    If a transaction is declined, the reason is displayed at the top of the transaction details screen.


    2. How to Access the Motive Card Transaction Details from the Driver App

    1. Log in to the Driver App and tap on the Motive Card tile or the Motive Card option in the left navigation menu.



    2. The Motive Card Hub appears. Tap Recent Transactions.


    3. The Transactions screen appears. Tap the transaction you want to see the details of.

    img 3 - eng.png

    4. The Transaction Details screen appears.



    Using a Motive Card

    1. How do I use Motive Card?

    To use the Motive Card;

    • Insert it into the chip reader at the pump for fuel purchases.
    • You can charge up to $500 at a time for fuel purchases.
    • If you need to make a purchase over $500, you can make multiple transactions.
    • You can charge up to $900 at a time at Love’s locations.
    • Some point-of-sale card machines may require a zip code. It is the business address zip code provided during the card application process.
    • There may also be fraud controls in place that require you to unlock the card with your assigned phone number before making a purchase. Once unlocked, the card is available for use for the next 30 minutes.

    2. Where can I use my Motive Card?

    • The Motive Card can be used wherever a Mastercard is accepted within the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
    • Motive Card enables your Fleet for discounts at over 4,000 partner locations, including Love’s and TA without minimum gallon requirements.
    • If your card has spend limits and controls set by the Fleet Admin, check them in your Motive Card Driver Hub section.

    3. Motive Card transaction is declined


    • My Motive Card transactions are getting declined.
    • I can’t make fuel purchase transactions using Motive Card.


    • If your Motive Card transaction gets declined, you receive an SMS or a notification in your Driver App indicating the reason.
    • At the top of the Transaction Details screen in the Motive Card Driver Hub, you can locate the reason for your transaction getting declined.



    Motive recommends following any of these solutions in case of a declined Motive Card transaction:

    • Re-insert Motive Card: Swiping is not supported when a chip reader is available. Please try again by inserting your card into the chip reader.
    • Invalid billing zip code: Please try again by entering the zip code of your Fleet’s business address.
    • Inactive Motive Card: Check if your card is currently active in the Motive Card Hub in the Driver App. If your card is frozen, you aren’t allowed to transact.
    • Select credit when using the Motive Card: The Motive Card should be used as a credit card rather than debit card.
    Note: If you’re still unable to make a successful transaction using your Motive Card, contact your Fleet Admin or Motive Support for more details.

    4. Where can I get discounts on Motive Card?

    • Motive Cardholders can get discounts of up to 21 cents per gallon of diesel at premier fuel stations and travel centers, including Love’s, TA Petro, Casey's and other chains and independent fuel stations.
    • Cardholders can view the fuel stations offering discounts on a map using the Savings Finder on the Driver App.
    • Motive Cardholders can also get discounts on preventive maintenance services and FlowBelow products.
    • Motive has a growing partner network with top-tier discounts at known brands and premium independent travel centers. Click here to locate them on the Benefits tab.
    Note: Please contact your Fleet Admin for exact information about applicable discounts.

    Assigning a Vehicle to a Motive Card Transaction

    Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers can mandate capturing of Vehicle ID against Motive Card transactions. This feature enables the Fleets to better track vehicle expenses and get the total cost of ownership of vehicles in their Fleet.

    Note: This feature applies only to cards assigned to drivers, not cards assigned to vehicles.


    1: Selecting a vehicle through Driver App

    1. Log in to the Driver App and tap on the Motive Card tile or tap on the Motive Card option in the left navigation menu.


    2. The Motive Card Hub displays. Tap the Unlock your card.

    Card on App.png

    3. Click Vehicle to add vehicle.

    Card on App 9.png

    4. Search for your vehicle using the make, model or vehicle ID. Choose your vehicle.

    5. Tap on Done.

    img 3.png

    5. Once selected, tap on Confirm.


    The selected vehicle is tagged to all the transactions made in the next thirty minutes.

    Card 18.png

    Note: This feature is only enabled if Fleet Managers enable it for their Fleet, the Driver has the Motive Driver App version 63.0 or higher, or if their mobile number is registered in the system. Also, Drivers can’t select a different vehicle if they are connected to the Vehicle Gateway.


    2. Change selected vehicle through Driver App

    1. Follow the steps from 1 to 5 from the above section to select a vehicle.

    2. In case an incorrect vehicle is selected and it needs to be changed, tap on "Edit required info".

    image size (1).png

    3. The Select Vehicle menu appears. Search with the make, model, or vehicle ID in the search field and select the correct option.

    4. Tap on Done.


    5. Once selected, tap on Confirm.


    Note: The option to change the vehicle is not available if you are connected to the Vehicle Gateway using the Driver App.

    3. Select a vehicle through SMS

    1. To send Vehicle ID through SMS, send the last 4 digits of your Motive Card to +1 (408) 645-7882.

    2. Follow the instructions provided and give your Vehicle ID.

    Card on App 14.png

    4. Vehicle ID not selected

    If Vehicle ID Reporting is enabled and the Driver does not select a vehicle in the Driver App before a transaction (and is also not connected to the Vehicle Gateway), the transaction gets declined immediately and the Driver receives a decline SMS.



    Motive Card Management

    1. How to report if a Motive Card is lost or stolen?

    If a Motive Card is lost or stolen the drivers can contact their Fleet Admin. The Fleet Admin can either freeze the particular card or deactivate it. If you are unable to deactivate or freeze the card you must contact Motive customer support.

    2. What is the Mobile based unlock feature for Motive Cards?

    Note: This description is only applicable to cards assigned to drivers and not applicable to cards assigned to vehicles. Additionally, Only Fleet Admins can enable/disable this feature from the Fleet Dashboard. 


    The feature helps Fleet Admins control their fleet cards’ usage and implement better security against fraud or misuse of Motive Cards. Enabling this feature locks the card, and cardholders need to use the Motive Driver App or send an SMS to Motive for unlocking the card before they swipe it for usage, otherwise, transactions would get declined.

    To unlock their Motive cards, drivers can follow the below-given steps: 

    1. Card unlock using the Motive Driver App

    1. Log into the Driver App (version 63.0 or higher).

    2. Tap on the Motive Card tile or tap on the Motive Card option in the left navigation menu.

    mobile unlock.png

    3. Tap on the banner to unlock the card for the next 30 minutes.

    mobile unlock 1.png

    mobile unlock 2.png

    Note: An SMS is also sent to the registered mobile number confirming that the card is unlocked

    4.  After 30 minutes of unlocking the card, the card is automatically locked again.


    Note: The Mobile-based unlock feature is not enabled for cardholders whose contact numbers are unavailable and the version of their Motive Driver App is lower than 63.0, and such cardholders can carry out transactions as earlier. Once the Admin provides the missing contact numbers or the cardholders update their Motive Driver App to version 63.0 or higher, the respective cards are locked automatically.


    2. Card unlock using text SMS

    1. Cardholders can send the unlock pin (last four digits of their Motive Card) via SMS to Motive at (408) 645-7882 before they swipe the card for usage.

    2. Once the cardholder's mobile number and pin are verified, the card gets unlocked and a confirmation SMS is sent to the cardholder. The card is unlocked for the next 30 minutes and then it is locked again automatically.

    mobile unlock 3.png

    3. What is Skimmer?

    Skimmers are typically installed on the outside of the point-of-sale machines and look as if they belong there. Undetectable high-quality devices are attached over the card slot and other places inside the card reader slot that record customer card information when it is used for a legitimate purchase. If you are ever concerned about the security of the card reader, you can try to pull on the device to see if any pieces disconnect easily.

    1. Quick Scan

    Some ways to tell if a skimmer is installed are by checking if the card reader is loose, crooked, or damaged. If part of the machine is a different color, do not use the POS machine. Skimmers are easily removable so if customers pull on the card reader, the card skimmer is most likely going to come off.

    2. Check the keyboard

    If the numbers are hard to press or they feel thicker to the touch, it’s likely that there is a false keypad installed to skim your PIN or ZIP code information. If you suspect this to be the case, try moving to another machine.

    3. Block PIN / ZIP code

    When customers enter either PIN or ZIP, they should cover the keypad with their other hand, in case there is a camera installed with the skimmer and recording the information.

    4. Tap Feature

    Use the tap feature instead of inserting your Motive Card into the reader.

    5. Paying inside

    If the gas station has yet to update its pumps to allow the tap feature or mobile wallet to pay, customers should be encouraged to pay inside.

    4. Can the Motive Card be added to Apple Wallet?

    The Motive Card cannot be added to the Apple Wallet. It is certainly a consideration for the near future.

    5. Does Motive Card work internationally?

    Motive Cards are accepted anywhere in the United States, Mexico, and Canada where a Mastercard is accepted. However, the discounts currently apply within the United States only.


    Congratulations! you're all set up to use Motive Card as a cardholder. For more FAQs related to Motive Cards, click on the links given in the Related Content section. 

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