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    The Beyond Transport integration with Motive allows the Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins to remain updated on vehicles’ real-time location, odometer readings, and Drivers’ Hours of Service. 


    Integration Benefits

    • Real-time GPS location updates: Consistent map updates reflecting the vehicle’s real-time location.
    • Vehicle odometer updates: Automatically updates the vehicle's odometer reading and alerts if any scheduled maintenance is due around that mileage.
    • Driver's Hours of Service updates: Updates Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins on the Driver's duty status, drive time, shift time, cycle time, and time until the break period.
    • Allows streamlining the Dispatch and Maintenance Alert automation processes. 
    • Enables the Fleet to operate at higher efficiency levels. 


    System Requirements

    Beyond Transport

    • N/A


    • Subscription plan: Starter, Pro, or Enterprise


    Steps: Enabling Beyond Transport integration with Motive Fleet Dashboard

    1. Login to the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click Marketplace in the left-hand side menu.


    The Browse tab appears. 

    2. Click TMS.

    3. Scroll down to locate the Beyond Transport integration tile. Click Learn More


    4. Click Install


    5. Install Beyond Transport pop-up appears. Click Install


    6. Once installed, you’re now redirected to Beyond Transport’s dashboard. Click Settings at the bottom left corner. 

    7. Click Preferences in the Settings menu. 

    8. Click Safety in the Preferences menu. 

    9. In the ELD Integrations section, click Connect


    10. Click Add Integration


    Your integration is added. You can now assign an ID to your Motive vehicle. 


    Support for Integration

    Beyond Transport


    Phone: +1 630-755-0225

    Motive Support

    Contact us 


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