How to remove Dashcam from the windshield?


    Audience Driver, Fleet Admin, Fleet Manager
    Applies To Smart Dashcam, AI Dashcam


    In order to remove the Dashcam from the windshield safely, You may try out any one of the following tested options :


    1. Pull the mount up and away from the windshield, applying steady pressure until the adhesive releases from the windshield or mount. Scrapers such as a card or razor blades or fishing wire or a prying tool can also be used to scrape and lessen the stickiness to the windshield while pulling the Dashcam.
    2. You can also see dental floss alongside the windshield just enough for the adhesive to lose its stickiness while slowly pulling the dashcam by hand and slightly twisting it to start separating it. ( Wear gloves for a proper grip of floss ) .
    3. Other alternatives include using a blow dryer/ Heat gun against the adhesive either from outside or inside of Vehicle if done safely will remove it with ease.


    Side Note: Focus to get one corner of the adhesive pad to pull off as it may come off easier from there



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