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    Motive enables the Fleets to reset the AI Omnicam if it doesn’t function properly. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to perform a pinhole reset or firmware recovery for your AI Omnicam. The pinhole reset restarts the device to a recording and operational state.


    Steps: Resetting AI Omnicam 


    Pinhole Reset 

    Note: Make sure the AI Omnicam is connected to power. 

    1. Press the reset button for 1 second using the pinhole reset device. The pinhole reset tool is provided by Motive with the AI Omnicam as a part of the body mount SKU. 


    Note: A paperclip can also be used in place of the pinhole reset tool.

    2. If the LED light is solid white, it transitions to fast blinking right after pressing the reset button.

    3. After 5 seconds, the LED light turns off (or remains off if it was already off).

    4. After the next 10 seconds, the LED light turns on and starts blinking slowly. 

    5. The slow blinking continues for up to 1 minute until the LED light turns solid white indicating the AI Omnicam is recording.


    Firmware Recovery

    If the AI Omnicam is not operational after the pinhole reset, then a firmware recovery may revive it. Follow these steps to boot into the last firmware version of the AI Omnicam:

    1. Provide power to the camera and wait until the LED light is solid white. 

    2. Press the reset button until the LED light turns off and turns back on while blinking slowly. Once it turns on, release the button (it can take up to fifteen seconds).

    3. The camera now boots into the last firmware version. 

    4. The LED light keeps blinking slowly and once the camera starts recording, the LED light turns solid white.

    5. The camera now automatically begins to download the most recent targeted firmware version.

    6. Once downloaded, the LED light blinks fast and completes the firmware update, and starts to reboot.

    7. Now, the LED light blinks slowly and stays on to indicate the camera is recording.


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