How to Enable Dashcam again after it is Unpaired from the Fleet Dashboard


    Audience: Fleet Administrators, Fleet Managers
    Applies To: Dashcam 



    Sometimes the Fleet Administrators unpair the dashcam from their dashboards which prevents them from viewing the image from the dashcam and completely shuts off access to the dashcam features as well.

    This issue can be resolved by following the simple steps of a dashcam reboot also known as a power cycle.



    1. Turn on the truck engine with everything connected and wait for 5 minutes
    2. Unplug the Dashcam and keep it unplugged for 4-5 minutes
    3. Keep the engine running during this time.
    4. Plug the Dashcam back into the Vehicle Gateway's USB port.
    5. Take a test image from your driver app or motive fleet app. 

    This should resolve the issue. If persists, please reach out to support at +18554343564. 

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