How to Change the Storage Capacity of the Dashcam

    Audience: Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To: Safety and Dashcams


    Many times, the Fleet Managers reach out to get a video of a day that is no longer available because it gets overwritten once the storage of the camera fills up.

    To cope with this issue, we have introduced a new feature that will allow you to adjust the storage capacity of the camera albeit compromising on the resolution of the videos.

    To change the storage capacity of the camera, perform the following steps:

    1. Log inside your Fleet Dashboard and go to the Admin side of the Dashboard.


    2. Go to Safety under PRODUCTS on left-side menu.

    3. Click on Edit from Dashcam menu.

    4. Change the storage capacity by going to "Video Storage and Quality" in the "Dashcam Settings".


    Note: The storage capacity can only be changed for AI Dashcams (DC-53 & DC-54) and for AI Omnicam (OC-1).

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