How to install Motive Hardware alongside Third Party Hardware

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    Applies To Vehicle Gateway, Dashcam, Platform Science



    Motive in collaboration with Platform Science brings our customers a chance to avail the services of both companies simultaneously. This guide is intended to provide you with best practices for installing Motive Hardware alongside Platform Science Hardware.


    Installation Requirements: Motive Hardware with Third Party Hardware

    • Vehicle Gateway
    • Cable
    • Dashcam
    • Vehicle & Cable Sheet


    1. Plan for our cable to be connected inline to the Diagnostic port first, then connect the third party device (Platform Science) to the other end of our cable.


    Note: Do not plug the cable into Vehicle Gateway until the last step and do not turn on the Vehicle Gateway and then disconnect it rapidly.


    2. Ensure the cameras are installed consistently in a spot that is verified and approved by the customer.

    3. Camera must have a view of the bottom of the steering wheel/waist of the driver and the driver’s head.

    4. Run cables, and mount hardware, then the last step should be connecting the Vehicle Gateway & cable. This is to avoid corruption from powering on the Vehicle Gateway and then powering it off in a short time.

    5. The GPS Antenna is in the Vehicle Gateway under the Motive Logo. That must face outward toward the sky. Do not place it directly under Heavy Metals like steel.

    6. Ensure Motive Vehicle Gateway is fastened securely either with Duralock tape or Zip Ties.

    7. Wrap all extra wiring in a Doughnut/Circular shape. DO NOT DOG BONE the extra wiring.

    8. Avoid sharp bends or kinks in wiring/cables.

    9. Plan for camera wire routing, try to save time and do not remove curtain rods if possible.


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