How to install Asset Gateway Mini (Cable Powered)

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    Asset Gateway Mini is a smaller and lower-cost option for customers to keep track of all their assets in the Motive Fleet Dashboard so they can deter theft, stay agile in operations, and improve their bottom line. Asset Gateway Mini comes in 2 varieties:-

    In this article, you will learn about the installation of Asset Gateway Mini (Cable Powered) so let’s get started.

    Installation Requirements: Asset Gateway Mini (Cable Powered)

    What comes in the box?

    • 4 Wood Screws
    • 4 Self Tapping Screws
    • 1 Asset Gateway Mini
    • T10 torx bit

    Tools Required

    • Power drill
    • Drill bits
    • Pinhole reset tool
    • Screwdriver sets
    • Wire strippers
    • Wire cutters
    • Wire crimpers
    • Self-tapping screws
    • Ring terminals
    • Wire sleeves


    Assigning the Asset Gateway Mini

    1. Create an asset profile and assign Asset Gateway on Fleet Dashboard. The device serial number is located on the label on the front of the device or the craft box.

    Activating the Asset Gateway Mini (Cable Powered)

    1. Activate the Asset Gateway by pressing the reset button on the side with the reset pin provided.

    a. The LED will flash Blue indicating the device is now turned on.

    b. Take down the serial number of the device (if you haven’t assigned the device yet).

    2. Connect the 3 wires of the Motive cable to an external power, ground, and ignition wire. (please do not cut off the black plastic housing attached to the wire = voltage regulator). The wire can be shortened up to that point.

    Note: Please do not cut off the black plastic housing attached to the wire = voltage regulator. You can shorten up the wire up to that point.


    Also, ensure that other cables in the wire are cut back to the jacket and are not exposed to the elements, which can cause an electrical short.


    a. Cable connection details (at vehicle end of cable):

      • RED (POWER) means “+” of vehicle power
      • BLACK(GND) means “-“ of vehicle power, or vehicle ground
      • Green is a logic voltage indicating the ignition status of the vehicle.  Anything below 1V is interpreted as "off" and above 3.3V is "on".  Maximum current draw is 1mA


    Notes:  Allowed Voltage Tolerances for power supplied to AG Mini via cable: Following SAE-J1455 tolerances. 9-16V for 12V and 18 - 32V for 24V


    Rated current for same: Maximum current is 300mA @ 9V and 100mA @ 32V


    3. Connect the cable connector to the Asset Gateway Mini by unfastening the back plate, and routing the cable through the hole.

    a. Align the two white arrows on the cable and the Asset Gateway Mini, and gently press the cable into the connector. 

    b. Turn the red nut to secure the cable to the device.

    c. Refasten the back plate to the Asset Gateway Mini.

    AG cable powered.png

    4. Mount and secure your Asset Gateway Mini.

    a. Make sure that the surface is flat before mounting.

    b. Have the Motive logo facing up for the best GPS performance.


    Checking if Asset Gateway Mini Install is Successful

    1. On the asset live page, if the Asset Gateway Mini has gotten a GPS fix, the asset’s location will show up on the screen.

    Asset Gateway cable powered 1.png

    2. If you see this screen, it means that the Asset Gateway Mini has been assigned, but is still looking for a valid GPS location.

    Asset Gateway cable powered 2.png

    3. If the Asset Gateway Mini is cable powered, you can turn on the asset’s engine, and if it’s indoors, bring the asset outdoors so that the Asset Gateway can get a clear line of sight for a GPS fix. Wait for another 15-30 minutes, and you should be seeing the GPS location show up on your dashboard.


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