How to install Asset Gateway Mini | Battery Power | Hard-wired Cable-AG31.X-3WR

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    Asset Gateway Mini is a smaller and lower-cost option for customers to keep track of all their assets in the Motive Fleet Dashboard so they can deter theft, stay agile in operations, and improve their bottom line. Asset Gateway Mini comes in 2 varieties:

    In this article, you can learn about the installation of Asset Gateway Mini (Battery Powered) so let’s get started.


    Installation Requirements: Asset Gateway Mini (Battery Powered)

    What comes in the box?

    • 4 Wood Screws
    • 4 Self Tapping Screws
    • 1 Asset Gateway Mini
    • Cable-AG31.X-3WR (separately, if cable-powered)

    Tools Required

    • Pinhole reset tool
    • Power drill and drill bits
    • Screwdriver set
    • T10 Torx Bit



    Assigning the Asset Gateway Mini

    1. Create an asset profile and assign Asset Gateway on Fleet Dashboard. The device serial number is located on the label on the front of the device or the craft box.

    Activating the Asset Gateway Mini (Battery Powered)

    1. Find a flat mounting location with a clear sky view and mount the Asset Gateway Mini. Make sure that the Motive logo is facing toward the sky to have the best LTE & GPS performance.

    2. Securely mount the Asset Gateway Mini on a flat surface using the provided screws. 

    3. If you're setting up the Asset Gateway Mini as battery-powered, use the reset pin provided to press the reset button on the device's side.

    4. When the LED flashes blue, it means the device is powered on.

    5. After installing, activating, and assigning the Asset Gateway Mini, head over to the dashboard to locate your asset. It may take some time for a location to show up on the dashboard while the GPS is trying to locate your device. If a location hasn’t shown up within 48 hours, please hard reset your device.

    6. When successfully done, you can see the location information show up on both your Fleet Dashboard and Fleet App.


    Checking if Asset Gateway Mini Install is Successful

    1. On the Live page under Assets, if the Asset Gateway Mini has gotten a GPS fix, the asset’s location shows up on the screen.

    Asset Gateway battery powered 2.png

    2. If you see this screen, it means that the Asset Gateway Mini has been assigned, but is still looking for a valid GPS location.

    Asset Gateway battery powered 3.png

    3. If the Asset Gateway Mini is battery-powered, you must wait another 12 hours for another fix. Bring the asset outside for a better line of sight for a GPS fix.


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