Installation Guide: Cable 3000/3001/3002/3003 for Green 9-Pin


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    Applies To 9-pin Cable



    Motive helps Fleets to safely install the Vehicle Gateway using the provided cables. Follow this article to successfully install your cable 3000/3001/3002/3003. 


    Installation Requirements: Cable 3000/3001/3002/3003

    What comes in the box?

    • An installation manual
    • Motive Vehicle Gateway
    • Cable 3000/3001/3002/3003
    • Zip ties
    • Alcohol pad


    Tools Required

    • Philips screwdriver 
    • Adjustable wrench 
    • Plastic prybar
    • Socket set


    Steps: Installing Cable 3000/3001/3002/3003

    Note: Before starting the installation process ensure that:
    • The parking brake is engaged.
    • The engine is off.
    • The main power switch (if available) is turned off.

    Note: Decide on the placement of the Vehicle Gateway. You have two options for installation:

    • Mounting on the dashboard.
    • Performing a discrete installation by placing the Vehicle Gateway beneath the dashboard.

    1. Locate the 9-pin port in your vehicle. It’s mostly located on the Driver’s side underneath the dash panel in either black or green color. 

    a. Fleets can request a Y-cable for specific vehicles if required. Motive recommends only using one Y-cable per vehicle when necessary.

    img 1.png

    Note: The numbers in the above image indicate the most probable locations of the diagnostic port. 

    2. Before connecting the cable to the vehicle diagnostic port, make sure there is sufficient space for the Vehicle Gateway and plan the cable routing, whether it's installed under or on top of the dashboard.

    Note: If you're installing the Vehicle Gateway on top of the dashboard, start by cleaning the surface with alcohol pads. Then, use the adhesive strips to secure the Vehicle Gateway to the dashboard, ensuring the Motive logo faces upward. Avoid placing it under heavy metals, as this can interfere with GPS signals.

    3. For cable 3000, connect the female end of the Motive cable to your vehicle's diagnostic port.


    4. If you're using cable 3001, 3002, or 3003, start by removing the diagnostic port from its receptacle in the dashboard.

    5. Then, insert the female end of the Motive cable into the removed diagnostic port.

    6. Next, install the male end of the Motive Cable into the receptacle where the diagnostic port was originally located. 

    7. Finally, tighten the screws or nut to secure the port in place.

    8. Attach the serial port to the Vehicle Gateway and secure it using the included thumbscrews.

    9. For discreet installation, clean the surface with alcohol pads. Then, use zip ties to secure the device in place.

    6. Remove the adhesive strip’s cover on the back of the Vehicle Gateway and attach it to the mounting area.

    7. Once plugged in, the LED lights flash before turning solid red. After approximately 1 minute, the left-side LED light turns green indicating a successful GPS connection.

    img 5.png

    8. The right LED light blinks red since the engine is turned on.

    Note: The GPS performance may be affected if the Vehicle Gateway is not placed facing out of the vehicle, towards the sky.


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