Installation Guide: Cable 3022

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    Motive provides cables for successful Vehicle Gateway installation. Please follow the steps mentioned below to install the cable 3022 for the Vehicle Gateway. 


    Installation Requirements: Cable 3022

    What comes in the box?

    • Cable 3022


    • Adjustable wrench / Philips screwdriver


    Steps: Installing Cable 3022

    Note: Before starting the installation process make sure that:
    • The parking brake is engaged.
    • The engine is off.
    • The main power switch (if available) is turned off.
    1. Locate the 6-Pin port in your vehicle. It’s usually located on the Driver’s side underneath the dash panel and is gray in color. 

    img 1.png

    Note: The numbers in the above image indicate the most probable locations of the diagnostic port. 

    a. Fleets can request a Y-cable for specific vehicles. Motive recommends only using 1 Y-cable per vehicle when necessary.


    2. Connect the 6-pin end of the Motive cable to the vehicle’s 6-pin port.

    img 2.png

    3. Use the provided zip ties to secure the cables.

    4. Attach the 15-pin connector to the Vehicle Gateway.


    5. Secure the 15-pin connector to the Vehicle Gateway using the thumbscrews.

    6. Use the provided alcohol swabs to clean the mounting area.

    7. Remove the adhesive strip’s cover on the back of the Vehicle Gateway and attach it to the mounting area.

    img 4.png

    8. Once plugged in, the LED lights flash before turning solid red. After approximately 1 minute, the left-side LED light turns green indicating a successful GPS connection.

    img 5.png

    Note: The GPS performance may be affected if the Vehicle Gateway is not placed facing out of the vehicle, towards the sky.


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