Installation Guide: Cable 3030/3031/3034 for Volvo & Mack

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    Applies To Cable 3034



    The Motive Vehicle Gateway is installed after the installation of the provided cables. Ensure to follow the steps mentioned in this article for a successful installation of cable 3034.


    Installation Requirements: Cable 3034

    What comes in the box?

    • Cable 3034
    • An installation manual
    • Motive Vehicle Gateway
    • Zip ties
    • Alcohol pad

    Tools Required

    • Plastic prybar
    • Socket set
    • Screwdrivers
    • Torx bits
    • Anything that can cut excess zip ties


    Steps: Installing Cable 3034

    Note: Before starting the installation process ensure that:
    • The parking brake is engaged.
    • The engine is off.
    • The main power switch (if available) is turned off.


    Note: Decide on the placement of the Vehicle Gateway. You have two options for installation:

    • Mounting on the dashboard.
    • Performing a discrete installation by placing the Vehicle Gateway beneath the dashboard.
    1. To connect the Motive 3034 cable, first remove the fuse panel on the dashboard's center-right side, near the steering wheel. For vehicles with an RP1226 connector, use cable 3035. 

    2. There are two identical J1939 connectors (DL1 and DL3) in the center console. Identify and connect to the J1939 connector labeled DL1J1939, avoiding DL3J1939.

    Note: Don't plug in the 3034 cable yet. First, ensure that you have adequate space for the Vehicle Gateway and the cable routing, whether it's installed under or on top of the dashboard.


    3. Detach the terminating resistor from the DL1 J1939 bus connector and don’t discard the resistor. 

    img 2.png

    4. Attach the female end of the Motive 3034 cable to the male end of the truck’s J1939 bus connector, where the terminating resistor was previously attached.

    5. Then, connect the terminating resistor to the male end of the Motive cable.

    Note: Ensure the terminating resistor is reattached correctly, as improper installation may lead to truck malfunctions.

    img 3.png

    img 4.png

    6. Attach the serial port to the Vehicle Gateway and finger-tighten the thumb screws.

    img 5.png

    7. Feed the power cable down towards the Front Dashboard panel. 

    8. Next, remove the Front Dashboard panel to access the open battery connector. Begin by prying off the trim, removing the screws, and then popping off the top and bottom panels.

    9. Locate a battery power connector labeled as "B plus ground."

    10. Pull through the Motive power cable and plug it into this battery power connector. 

    11. Once all 3 ends of the cable are connected, start the engine. The LED lights flash before turning solid red. After approximately 1 minute, the left-side LED light turns green indicating a successful GPS connection. The right LED light keeps blinking red since the engine is turned on.

    img 5.png

    12. Replace all the panels that were removed during installation. 

    Note: The GPS performance may be affected if the Vehicle Gateway is not placed facing out of the vehicle, towards the sky.


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