Installation Guide: Cable 3035/3036 for RP-1226

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    Motive provides cables to offer a secure Vehicle Gateway installation procedure. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to install the cable 3035 / 3036 for your Vehicle Gateway’s installation.

    Note: Many newer heavy-duty vehicles with an RP-1226 connector also have a standard diagnostic port. It is recommended to not use the standard diagnostic port and instead, connect through the RP-1226 connector. Connecting to the diagnostic port instead of using the RP-1226 connector may void the vehicle’s warranty.


    Installation Requirements: Cable 3035/3036

    • Cable 3035/3036

    What comes in the box?

    • Motive Vehicle Gateway
    • Installation manual
    • Zip ties
    • Adhesive strips
    • Alcohol pad


    • Plastic pry bar
    • Socket set
    • Screwdrivers
    • Cutter for excess zip ties


    Steps: Installing Cable 3035/3036

    Note: Before starting the installation process ensure that:
    • The parking brake is engaged.
    • The engine is off.
    • The main power switch (if available) is turned off.

    1. Choose to install the Vehicle Gateway either on top of the dashboard OR beneath it for a discrete installation.

    2. Locate the RP-1226 connector in your vehicle.

    • For Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, the RP-1226 connector is on the driver’s left side of the cab.
      • Remove the fuse box panel below the 9-pin port (the panel below the fuse box may also require to be removed to access the connector). 
      • Locate the connector tucked away behind the fuse box. 

        img 1.pngimg 2.png
      • For Freightliner models Cascadia and New Cascadia, model year 2018+, the RP-1226 connector is located on the passenger side of the cab. Remove the lower panel as displayed in the image below to access the connector.

        img.pngimg 4.png
      • For Freightliner models M2, 108SD and 114SD, model years 2020+, the RP-1226 connector can be found in either the passenger side doghouse under the fuse box or in the center of the overhead console (if present).

      • For Western Star models 47X and 49X, the RP-1226 connector can be found in the left-side of passenger side dashboard, behind the center console.
      • For Mack vehicles, the RP-1226 connector can be located in the passenger side dashboard behind or underneath the fuse box. It may also be located in the fuse box area where the connector for the previously supported 3031 cable is found.
        img 5.png
      • For Volvo trucks, the RP-1226 connector is located at the top of the dashboard near the fuse box. It is located in the same spot where the previously supported 3034 cable was installed.
        img 6.png

    3. Push the orange tab over to lock the connectors.

    4. Connect the serial end of the cable to the Vehicle Gateway and finger-tighten the thumbscrews.

    img 7.png

    5. Take the DB-15 connector end of the cable and place it at the top of the dashboard.

    6. Reattach the fuse-box panel.

    7. Secure the DB-15 connector to the Vehicle Gateway using the thumbscrews.

    8. For dashboard installation:

    • Clean the surface with the provided alcohol pad.
    • Use adhesive strips to secure the Gateway.
    • Ensure the Motive logo faces up and avoid placing under heavy metals to prevent GPS signal blockage.

    9. Start the engine. Once plugged in, the LED lights flash before turning solid red. After approximately 1 minute, the left-side LED light turns green indicating a successful GPS connection.

    img 8.png

    10. Use the provided alcohol swabs to clean the mounting area.

    11. Remove the backing from the adhesive strip on the back of the Vehicle Gateway and attach it to the mounting area.

    img 4.png

    Note: Mount the Vehicle Gateway near the windshield. Ensure mounting it away from vents, and electrical components, and at least 12 inches away from any metal components.

    12. Once the Driver connects to the Vehicle Gateway using the Driver App, the right-side indicator light turns green indicating a successful Bluetooth connection.

    img 5.png

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