Installation Guide: Cable 3043 for Freightliner

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    Motive enables the Fleets to install the Vehicle Gateway after the installation of the provided cables. Read the article below to safely install cable 3043 for the Vehicle Gateway.


    Installation Requirements: Cable 3043

    • Cable 3043

    What comes in the box?

    • Motive Vehicle Gateway
    • Installation manual
    • Zip ties
    • Alcohol pad


    • Electric drill
    • Torx T25 8mm drive bit socket
    • 5 labeled cups to keep track of screws/nuts
    • Dash bezel
    • Instrumentation panel
    • Top panel
    • Passenger dash panel
    • Mount plate
    • Flashlight (optional)


    Steps: Installing Cable 3043

    Note: Before beginning the installation process, ensure the following:
    • The vehicle is parked safely with the engine turned off, and the key is removed from the ignition.
    • If applicable, switch off the main power switch of the truck.


    1. Unscrew all T25 screws to remove the outer dash trim.

    2. Remove the instrumentation panel by unscrewing T25 screws and knobs. Unscrew the passenger dash panel and top panel.

    Note: Choose the location for installing the Vehicle Gateway:
    • Place it on top of the dashboard.
    • Install it beneath the dashboard for a discreet setup

    img 1.png

    3. Remove 8 T25 screws from the instrumentation panel. 

    4. Remove the red ‘trailer air supply’ and yellow ‘parking brake’ knobs (if present).

    5. Place the screws and knobs in a cup labeled ‘instrumentation panel’.

    img 2.png

    6. Remove 2 T25 screws from the passenger dash panel and place them in a cup labeled ‘passenger dash panel’.

    7. Remove the passenger dash panel and place it outside the vehicle. Make sure not to damage the panel detents.

    img 3.png

    8. Remove 9 T25 screws from the top panel and place them in a cup labeled ‘top panel’. 

    9. Now, gently raise the top panel a few inches from its original position.

    10. Insert the terminated leads of the Motive cable through the top panel.

    11. Identify a J1939 250K TEM splice pack near the center dashboard (mostly the splice pack 2 or SP2).

    12. Remove the grey wire grommet in the back of the splice pack. 

    13. Connect the CAN interface of the cable to the truck’s J1939 250K CAN interface. 

    14. Now, insert the CAN_H wire and CAN_L wire into the yellow and green sections of the TEM splice pack. Ensure the yellow and green wires are in the same row as their respective color. 

    15. Once done, insert the grey wire holder into the back of the splice pack.

    img 4.png

    16. Connect the black ground wire to the ‘GND’ TEM splice pack. 

    17. Connect the red wire to the ‘power battery” TEM splice pack.

    img 5.png

    18. Attach the serial port to the Vehicle Gateway. Secure it using the thumbscrews.

    19. Secure the wiring and TEM splice packs with zip ties then reattach the panels.

    Note: Depending on the vehicle, the panels may require modification to get the cable’s access at the top of the dashboard. 

    If the panels can’t be modified, the Vehicle Gateway can be mounted inside the panel. Once mounted inside the panel, ensure the cable is not pinched to keep it safe from getting damaged.

    20. Attach the 15-pin connector to the Vehicle Gateway.

    21. Secure it using the thumbscrews.


    21. Secure the 15-pin connector to the Vehicle Gateway using the thumbscrews.

    22. Use the provided alcohol swabs to clean the mounting area.

    23. Remove the backing from the adhesive strip on the back of the Vehicle Gateway and attach it to the mounting area.

    img 4.png

    Note: Mount the Vehicle Gateway near the windshield. Ensure mounting it away from vents, and electrical components, and at least 12 inches away from any metal components.

    24. Once plugged in, the LED lights flash before turning solid red. After approximately 1 minute, the left-side LED light turns green indicating a successful GPS connection.

    img 5.png

    Note: The GPS performance may be affected if the Vehicle Gateway is not placed facing out of the vehicle, towards the sky.

    25. Once all ends of the cable are connected, start the engine.


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