Installation Guide: Cable 4020

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    Motive enables the Fleets to securely install the Vehicle Gateway using the provided cables. Read this article to install Cable 4020 for a successful Vehicle Gateway installation.

    Note: This installation guide is only applicable to non-ELD mandate customers.


    Installation Requirements: Cable 4020

    What comes in the box?

    • Cable 4020
    • 4 zip ties
    • 6 cable clips
    • 2 ring terminals
    • 2 flat terminals
    • 1 boot
    • 5 Amp fuse



    • Multimeter
    • Wire stripper/crimper/snips
    • Wire brush
    • Electrical tape
    • Add-a-circuit fuse tap/an in-line fuse tap


    Steps: Installing Cable 4020

    1. Connect the Vehicle Gateway to the DB-15 connector of the Cable 4020.

    Note: Ensure both thumbscrews are tightly secured for a secure connection.

    2. Connect the power source connection of Cable 4020 with the following connections:

    • Blue (labeled Power): To the 12V or 24V switched ignition power source.
    • White (labeled Ground): To the ground.


    Note: Connecting the blue wire to the switched ignition power source ensures the device does not drain the vehicle battery when the vehicle is turned off. For this reason, don’t connect this wire to a constant battery power source.

    3. Identify the vehicle chassis or battery ground. Use a multimeter to ensure that the selected ground reads 0V.

    4. Connect the white wire to either the vehicle chassis or the vehicle battery ground.

    Note: Motive recommends battery ground over chassis ground.

    5. Turn the ignition switch on.

    6. Use a multimeter to check the selected wire or fuse box slot. Ensure it has a 12V or 24V power source input.

    7. Turn the ignition switch off and make sure the wire or fuse box slot is completely turned off.

    8. Connect the blue wire to the selected power source with an in-line 5 Amp fuse for added protection.

    Note: If you're installing in the fuse box, a fuse tap is recommended to use.

    9. For cable installations, create a 'drip loop' in the cable route to keep water out at the vehicle connection point.


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