How to request a time-lapse video from the Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admin, Fleet Managers
    Applies to Fleet Dashboard > Safety



    Fleet Admins can request time-lapse videos to go through a video and see exactly where the incident happened.


    Steps: Requesting a time-lapse video

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click Safety in the left-hand side menu. 

    article .png

    2. Click Request Video in the top right corner.
    Request vide button.png

    3. Select your required vehicle and date to request the video.

    4. At the bottom left corner, select time from the clock. In the up-to field, select the time from the Timelapse category.

    5. Click Request Video.samm.png

    Note: The Timelapse video option is only for the AI Dashcams (DC 53 and DC 54) and not for the Smart Dashcams (DC 33 and DC 34).


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