How to edit Vehicle ID, odometer reading, and custom field after a transaction using the Driver App

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    The Motive Driver App allows you to change transaction metadata for a transaction that has been done. This metadata includes Vehicle ID, Odometer Reading, and a custom field. This can be done in a few simple steps given below.


    Steps: Editing Vehicle ID, odometer reading, and/or custom field after transaction

    1. Log in to the Motive Driver App and tap on the left navigation menu. Select Motive Card.

    2. Scroll down to Recent Transactions.

    3. Tap on the transaction you want to edit the metadata for.

    Card 20.png

    4. Tap the Edit icon.

    card 21.png

    5. Edit the metadata fields you desire.
    6. Tap Save.

    card 21.png

    A prompt appears once the changes have been saved.

    Card 23.png


    Note: Cardholders can edit these details for up to 14 days after the transaction from the Driver App, after which the details can no longer be modified. Fleet Managers can still update the details from the fleet dashboard if required.


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