What are "NA" Severity Events?

    Audience Fleet Managers
    Applies to Safety


    Driver Performance Events or Safety events are often generated at an unreasonable rate in terms of event volume. This led to 2 problems:

    • Perception that many events are unnecessary.
    • Data overload - customers can’t review so many events, even if they are all truly accurate events.

    We implemented a logic on the backend order to minimize video & data overload for Fleet Managers. For events like Close Following & Cell Phone, there were typically 10s of events generated per vehicle per week, but from data-based research, we learned that customers usually only need 1-2 videos of a behavior to decide to take coaching action

    Why this is good for You?

    Reduce redundancy: Safety managers usually need 2-3 instances of behavior to gauge whether the driver needs coaching.

    Less clutter: Decreased volume on the dashboard reduces clutter and allows managers to focus on the events that matter.

    Perception: Surfacing lesser events on the dashboard creates a sense of importance and urgency.

    For each event type, there is a limit to the number of videos that will be uploaded per vehicle per month. Usually, 1 or 2 events daily per event type.

    Do we allow videos to be uploaded even after you have received 1 or 2 video events for a specific event type?

    In the case that an event is extremely severe, we will override the logic and upload the video anyway. Specific overrides include:

    • Harsh Events intensity > .45g or vehicle threshold
    • Close Following event duration > 3 min and time to hit < 1sec
    • Cell Phone usage duration > 60 seconds
    • Distraction time window > 10 secs or event avg speed (gt) > 128.7kph(80mph)
    • Stop Sign violation min speed > 80.5 kph

    What happens if the event is not critical?

    Once you have already received 1-2 videos of of specific event type we will upload the event as “NA” severity. By default, a customer will have the video-only checkbox on, so they will most likely not see video-less events. Customers who want to see them can uncheck the video-only checkbox. You can also request a video for an “NA” severity event by clicking on the specific event and clicking request video on that event as shown below:

    NA severitty article.png

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