How to enable the Milsoft OMS by Xenolytic Integration


    Milsoft and Motive Customers

    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > App Marketplace



    Milsoft is an Outage Management System that enables accurate detection/response to outages or disturbances.

    Integration Benefits

    • Milsoft Outage Management software gives our customers the ability to manage outages more effectively and efficiently.
    • The Milsoft Outage Management system includes tools to allow utility customers to stay more informed about outage information.
    • Customers can view where current outages are occurring, estimated restoration times, and other outage-related information.

    System Requirements


    • A licensing agreement with Xenolytic is required for this integration.


    • Starter, Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan


    Steps: Enabling Milsoft OMS by Xenolytic with Motive App Marketplace

    This integration is powered by API keys and requires further configuration on Xenolytic's end.

    Note: On the Motive standalone marketplace, click the “Get this App button”.


    1. To install the app from the Motive embedded Marketplace, Log into Motive Dashboard and click the Marketplace option in the left-hand menu.


    2. Search for Milsoft OMS by Xenolytic in the search bar and click open the tile.

    3. Click Install.

    4. Once you’ve clicked Install, a pop-up banner appears; click Install. 

    5. This will create a case for the Motive Developer Support team to reach out to customer for confirmation and consent.

    6. Customer information and an API Key will be shared with the Xenolytics Team.
    7. The Xenolytics team will reach out to the Customer and provide a Statement of Work for the customer.
    8. Once a SOW is signed with Xenolytics, Xenolytics will handle further onboarding and configuration on their end for the Milsoft OMS.

    Note: Xenolytics charges a one-time fee to implement the solution and then a monthly subscription fee charged on a per-vehicle basis by Xenolytics.


    Support for Integration

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