How to enable In-Cab audio alerts on the Motive Fleet Dashboard



    Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers

    Applies To

    Fleet admin dashboard, Smart Dashcam, AI Dashcam




    Motive Dashcams notify drivers with an audio alert played inside the cab, in real time about safety events i.e Harsh events, speeding, not connected to vehicle gateway. 


    Steps: Enabling In-Cab audio alerts 


    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard, and click on the Admin icon.


    image admin.png

    2. Click on Safety on the left handside bar. 

    3. Click on the 1st option '' Unsafe behaviour detection and event intelligence'' 


    alerts to off .png


    4. Click on Edit


    in cab.png


    5. Every sfety event type has in-cab alert option, that you can check to enable and set up the thresholds as per your choice. 


    in cab 3 .png


    6. Make sure to save the changes, before you leave this page. 



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