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    Introducing our new AI Obstructed Camera detection: a robust solution designed to enhance dashcam visibility by detecting and alerting drivers to obstructions or installation isuess that may compromise safety or prevent post-event analysis due to an obstructed line of sight. 


    This article will cover the following:

    What is Obstructed Camera AI detection?

    Obstructed Camera is a new AI vision-based event that can detect when the road or driver-facing camera is obstructed by a physical object or when the camera is not installed correctly.  Obstructed Camera also functions as a new dashcam status defined as “Obstructed Camera”. 


    What are the types of obstructions that can be detected?

    There are 3 main types of obstructions that can be detected by our new Obstructed Camera AI feature:

    Road-facing obstructions - Any visible obstruction that is blocking the line of sight to the roadway, and preventing the ability to detect other unsafe driving behaviors

    Driver-facing obstructions - Any obstruction that is blocking the line of sight to the driver, and preventing the ability to detect other unsafe driving behaviors

    Installation issues - The camera is installed improperly and is tilted at an improper angle that is preventing the line of sight to the roadway and/or driver in the vehicle which impacts the cameras ability to detect other unsafe driving behaviors


    Does my device support this feature?

    Obstructed Camera AI detection is supported on both the road & driver-facing AI Dashcams (AIDC-53/54) and requires a Pro or Enterprise subscription.


    Where can I enable Obstructed Camera?

    Obstructed Camera event detection is enabled by default, but in-cab alerts must be enabled manually.  Both setting options can be found in the new Unsafe Behavior Detection and Event Intelligence page in the Admin > Safety section of the dashboard.

    1. Navigate to the Admin section from the main Fleet View dashboard (bottom left corner).


    1. Click on Safety, then Unsafe Behavior Detection and Event Intelligence.


    1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Unsafe Behavior Detection: BETA section, and click Edit.  Events are enabled by default and in-cab alerts can be turned on as desired.


    1. Click Save to confirm and apply any changes that have been modified.

    How does it work?

    The AI dashcam is designed to enhance safety by alerting to any obstructions when:

    • The vehicle is traveling at 15 mph or above
    • The dashcam lens, whether facing the road or the driver, has been obstructed for 30 seconds or more.

    If the dashcam detects an obstruction, the Motive platform will take several actions to ensure you're informed and can address the issue promptly. Here's what happens:

    • In-Cab Audio Alert: An audio alert will be played inside the cab to immediately notify the driver of the obstruction. These alerts are available in English, Spanish, and French.

    • Obstructed Camera Safety Event: An Obstructed Camera event will generate and publish as a safety event in the Safety > Events section of the Motive dashboard.  All visual evidence for Obstructed Camera will be provided as an image, however videos can still be recalled on request.

    • Dashcam Status Update: The status of the dashcam will be updated to "Obstructed Camera" on the Safety > Dashcams page within the Motive dashboard.  This status update serves as a quick indicator of cameras needing attention related to obstructions.

    • Email Notification: If any alerts have been set up, an email notification will be sent to Fleet Admins or Managers. 

    • Driver Mobile Coaching:  Drivers can be automatically notified in the Motive Driver App of any Obstructed Camera events if the event is considered High severity and auto-coaching is enabled.  Obstructed Camera events can also be coached manually from the Event Detail page or Motive Coaching workflow similar to other unsafe driving behaviors.

    • Follow-Up Check: Approximately 20 minutes after the initial detection, the dashcam will automatically check the state of the obstruction again.   

    What happens when the obstruction is cleared?

    The Obstructed Camera AI detection feature will check-in to see if the dashcam is still obstructed periodically every 20-minutes.

    If the dashcam is still obstructed and the vehicle is traveling at 15 mph or above:

    • Another in-cab audio alert will play (if enabled) to notify the driver that the camera is still obstructed
    • A new Obstructed Camera event will not be created
    • The dashcam status will remain as Obstructed Camera


    If the dashcam is no longer obstructed and the vehicle is traveling at 15 mph or above:

    • The Obstructed Camera event detail page banner will update to inform the obstruction has been cleared and when
    • The dashcam status will no longer display Obstructed Camera
    • The dashcam will begin actively monitoring for future obstructions again



    Obstructed Camera as a Dashcam Status

    Obstructed Camera safety events are also used to define the status of the dashcam to provide real-time insights into any active obstructions. This can be found in the Safety > Dashcam section of the dashboard.

    To search for obstructed cameras, use the status filter or click on Obstructed Camera in the right Status column:



    To view the event detail correlated to this status, hover on the Obstructed Camera status label and click on "Refer to this event for details".


    Where can I view Obstructed Camera events?

    Obstructed Camera events can be viewed by navigating to the Safety > Events page in the Motive dashboard and can be searched by utilizing the Behavior filter on the report.


    Visual evidence for Obstructed Cameras events by default will be image-based, however videos can be recalled if desired.

    At the top of each event, a banner is presented to provide additional detail as to which camera lens was obstructed.  Additionally, the banner will update to indicate if the obstruction has been cleared and no further action is required.

    image (7).png

    How is Severity defined for Obstructed Camera events?

    Severity for Obstructed Camera is defined by a speed based heuristics framework as the following:

    • LOW: Mark as low when max speed <15 mph
    • MED: Mark as medium when max speed >15 mph and <=45 mph
    • HIGH: Mark as high when max speed is >45 mph

    Can I create alerts & notifications when an obstruction occurs?

    Yes - as with all of the unsafe behaviors Motive can detect, alerts & notifications can be generated whenever an Obstructed Camera event occurs.

    Navigate to Admin > Alerts and click Create Alert and elect Obstructed Camera from the Type dropdown. Fill in the remaining details for the desired configuration and then click Save to create the alert.


    How are drivers notified for Obstructed Camera?

    There are several ways a driver can be notified of an Obstructed Camera event:

    • In-Cab Audio Alert: An audio alert can be played inside the cab to immediately notify the driver of the obstruction.  Alerts will continue to play every 20-minutes if the obstruction is still present and will conclude once the obstruction has been removed.
      • Alerts are available in English, Spanish, and French.

    • Obstructed Camera Safety Event:  Safety events related to the obstructed camera will be published on the dashboard.  Each event can be sent to a driver as a Coachable Event to the Motive Driver app for the driver to review the event details.  
      • This event can be automatically sent to the driver for High severity events if the obstruction occurred while traveling at speeds that exceed 45 mph.
    camera obstruction.PNG


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Can I customize the thresholds for Obstructed Camera in the Motive dashboard like other AI behaviors?
      • Yes, however these requests to modify detection thresholds must be submitted through Motive Customer Support.

    • If only in-cab alerts are enabled, will the dashcam status update to Obstructed Camera?
      • No, in-cab alerts would not trigger any events to the dashboard, therefore also not updating the dashcam status in the reports.

    • Will a dashcam lens cap trigger an in-cab alert & event for Obstructed Camera?
      • Yes, a lens cap is a physical obstruction and will trigger an in-cab audio alert as well as an event if the vehicle is traveling 15 mph or above for more than 30-seconds.
      • In-cab alerts & events will not trigger if the lens cap is used while the vehicle is traveling below 15 mph or is stationary.

    • If the driver-facing lens is disabled for privacy reasons, will this trigger driver-facing obstructed camera alerts or events?
      • No, video recording is disabled while in driver privacy mode and unable to actively identify any physical obstructions being present.



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