UKG Pro WFM Integration

    Audience Fleet Admins/ Managers
    Applies To Workforce Management



    Motive and UKG have partnered to make driver management and payroll simpler. This integration aims to sync Drivers from UKG Pro WFM to Motive and their respective logs and timecards information from Motive as Punches in UKG Pro WFM. From the customer's perspective, the integration eliminates the hassle of needing to manually calculate and keep track of drivers' logs.


    Unlocking Strategic Advantages

    • Automatically synchronizing UKG's employee data with Motive's drivers (Both Exempt and Non-Exempt)
    • Automatically exporting Motive’s Driver Logs and Log Updates for Non-Exempt drivers with UKG.
    • Automatically exporting Timecards (Punch in and Punch out) for exempt drivers

    System Requirements


    • UKG Pro WFM Subscription (Minimum permissions: Manager License, Employee Group)
    • Customer needs to configure custom fields and share the credentials with Motive
    • Please follow the guide for completing the configuration process


    • Enterprise Subscription
    • Enable UKG Pro WFM Integration


    How to Enable the Integration?

    1. The customer clicks on the tile in the app marketplace as depicted below
    2. The API support team is notified about the request
    3. If the customer has an ENT subscription, the support team will share the Integration Guide with the customer and request the customer to follow the steps in the guide to complete the prerequisites and share the API user credentials with the Motive team.
    4. Once the credentials are received, the API support team will create a PS request in SalesForce and add the credentials shared by the customer in the description
    5. A kick-off call is organized to gather the requirements and provide a walk-through of the onboarding process to the customer. The integration team will work directly with the customer to sort out any dependencies.


    Installing tile on App Marketplace:

    1. Login to Motive Fleet Admin Dashboard

    2. Click on “Marketplace”

    3. Select the “UKG” tile

    4. Click on the “Install” button


    Support for Integration

    UKG Support Community:

    UKG Community


    Motive Support Phone:

    +1 855-434-3564

    Motive Developer Support Email:

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