What is Command Alkon integration?



    Fleet Managers, Drivers
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    Command Alkon's TrackIt is a web platform designed for construction businesses, offering vehicle tracking and dispatch solutions. It offers essential features such as GPS Fleet tracking, telematics solutions, and workforce management tools, making it ideal for heavy building material suppliers and haulers.

    Note: For the Motive-Command Alkon integration to work, ensure that all Drivers and Vehicles present in Command Alkon (TrackIt) also have their admin profiles created in Motive. Please visit here for more details.


    How the integration helps Motive Safety customers

    When Drivers log in to the TrackIt App, they are automatically assigned to Trips and Driver Performance Events (DPEs) without having to log in to the Motive Driver App or perform any manual assignments separately within Motive.


    How Motive identifies the Driver with each Trip

    Whenever a vehicle completes a trip, Motive attempts to gather information on the Driver connected to that vehicle in Command Alkon’s TrackIt application. 

    In this context, three scenarios are possible:

    1. A Driver is logged in and connected to the Vehicle inside Command Alkon’s TrackIt application. This Driver is automatically assigned to the Trip and Driver Performance Event in Motive. 

    1. No Driver is connected to the Vehicle at that time in Command Alkon. This results in the Trip/Driver Performance event remaining unidentified. A Trip Note is also added for reference as No Driver detected via Command Alkon

    1. A Driver is connected to the Vehicle in TrackIt, however, the Driver profile has not been created for that Driver in Motive. Therefore, Motive cannot assign the Trip/ Driver Performance Event correctly. In this case, the Trip/Driver Performance event remains unidentified with a note Driver is not present in Motive against the Trip.


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