Automated Route Planning and Dispatch Integration by

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To, Motive Dashboard, and "Automated Route Planning and Dispatch"


    Automated Route Planning and Dispatch by NextBillion.AI helps you find the most efficient route to minimize costs, time, or resources while satisfying specific constraints or objectives.

    Integration Benefits

    • Generate the optimal routes to fit your fleet and delivery operations. 
    • Ensure maximum efficiency with zone-based allocation, and support for multiple vehicle profiles.
    • Save hours of manual route planning and editing.
    • Dynamic optimization to update in-progress routes on the fly. 
    • system to Motive app load dispatching coming soon.

    System Requirements

    • None


    • Subscription plan: Starter, Pro, or Enterprise.


    Steps: Enabling  integration with Motive App Marketplace

    1. Click Get this App on the Automated Route Planning and Dispatch Integration by NextBillion.AI app on the Motive app marketplace.
    2. Since the integration is built on API Keys, the integration involves the API support team verifying the customer's consent before creating an API key.

    4. Share the API Key with POC.
    5. Further onboarding and mapping will be done on the end.


    Support for Integration


    Motive Support


    Phone: +1(855) 434-3564


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