How to enable Swiftly Integration with Motive


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    Swiftly’s Connected Transit Platform helps transit agencies to monitor realtime performance, analyze transit data, create highly accurate realtime information for passenger, and to ultimately drive measurable outcomes for riders and staff.


    Integration Benefits

    • All vehicles can be tracked at a minimum of every 5~10 seconds in the Swiftly dashboard reflecting in fast-updating ETA information.

    • Outages in secondary AVL or assignment information sources are protected through redundancy, as Swiftly can combine multiple sources.

    • High-accuracy historical performance data helps optimize your schedule using actual run times, vehicle speeds, and dwell times. 

    System Requirements


    • Must be a Customer with Swiftly.


    • Starter, Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan


    Steps: Enabling Swiftly integration with Motive App Marketplace

    1. Click Get this App.
    2. Once you click get this app, an email will be sent to our API support team, and they will work on creating an API key for your account and share it with you. 
    3. Share the API Key with Swiftly POC.
    4. Further onboarding and mapping will be done on Swiftly's end.


    Support for Integration

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