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    Zapier and Motive

    Applies To 

    Fleet Dashboard > App Marketplace



    The Motive and Zapier integration allows users to seamlessly connect their Motive company account with other applications and services available on the Zapier platform. With this integration, users can automate workflows, trigger actions, and synchronize data between Motive and various third-party applications, enhancing productivity and efficiency in managing fleet operations and safety-related tasks.

    Integration Benefits

    • Automated Safety Incident Response: Automatically create safety incident records in the required system when critical safety events occur, enabling immediate response and intervention by fleet managers or safety officers.
    • Integration with CRM Systems: Sync safety event data with CRM systems to track driver behavior and safety incidents, allowing for comprehensive customer relationship management and reporting.
    • Workflow Automation: Trigger workflows in other applications based on safety events recorded by Motive, streamlining business processes and enhancing operational efficiency.
    • Compliance and Reporting: Generate compliance reports and analytics by integrating safety event data from Motive with reporting and analytics platforms, ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

    System Requirements


    • Account on zapier platform


    • Pro or Enterprise Subscription

    Steps: Enabling Zapier integration with Motive

    This integartion is enabled from the Zapier end. Please follow the following guide by Zapier on how to connect.

    Support for Integration


    Motive Support


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