How to view Telematics Insights

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    Telematics Insights is a tool that allows Fleet Managers to get detailed information about their vehicles. It tracks various vehicle types, including Gas/Hybrid, Diesel/Biodiesel, and EVs, and monitors key metrics like speed, RPM, and fuel level over time.


    How Telematics Insights Helps You

    • Live Vehicle Updates: Shows if a vehicle is Moving, Idle, or Stationary, with time since the last update.
    • Warning Icons: Highlights issues like Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), Tire Pressure, and Driver Seatbelt.
    • Tailored Data: Provides specific info for Gas/Hybrid, Diesel/Biodiesel, EV, and PHEV vehicles.
    • Detailed View: Includes data on Coolant Temperature, Engine Intake Temperature, 12V Battery Voltage, Barometric Pressure, and Air Temperature.
    • Historical Data: Offers insights into past vehicle performance to find improvement opportunities and support proactive decisions.


    Steps: Viewing Telematics Insights

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click Fleet View in the left-hand side menu.


    2. In the Vehicles tab, select any vehicle in the list.


    3. Click Live to view the status and real-time performance of the vehicle.


    4. Click History to view history details for a vehicle, including location information and a history map. Use the date filter to change the date.


    5. Click the Graph icon in the bottom right-hand corner to view Historical Telematics graphs.


    6. View Speed History to see vehicle speed history and flags for potential speeding events.


    7. Click a driving period under the History tab to see Speed, Fuel, and RPM details for that specific driving period.



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