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    Billing Invoice Overview

    1. Account Information

    • This is the customer account information which contains a unique invoice number and company number which is unique for every company.
    • The invoice date and due date are based on the customer payment term.
    • The payment method and payment term are also specific to the customer.

    Note: refer to your Payment Method on the Invoice to confirm your payment type i.e. Credit Card, Check, ACH/Wire.


    2. Customer Contact

    This is the customer/owner's contact information. The company will use this information to contact you in case of payment issues.


    3. Charge Summary

    • Product: Specifies the product the customer is paying for
      • Subscription: These are subscription charges to the software product
      • Purchase fee: Refers to hardware charges
    • Invoice period: Specific time period for which the customer paid
    • Quantity: Quantity of product/hardware
    • Price per unit: Basic price for a unit
    • Amount due: Quantity*price per unit= amount due
    • Shipping: It is calculated depending on the location


    4. Balance Due:

    • Gross amount: The total amount due
    • Discount: If any discounts are applicable
    • Tax: Dependent on the state
    • Balance Due: The amount the customer has to pay


    5. Transaction Summary

    • Identifies the date the payment was processed, payment number, type of payment, the amount that was successfully processed.
    • If the payment was completed successfully the invoice balance would be 0.


    6. Payment Information

    For customers set to Term Payments with more than 30 Vehicle Gateways through Check or ACH/Wire payment:

    • Payment via Check - please send to:

                        Motive Technologies, Inc.

                        DEPT CH 17110, PALATINE, IL 60055-7110

                        CONTACT NUMBER: 855-434-3564, EMAIL:


    Note: Please cut along the remittance payment information on your Invoice and fill out the payment amount and check number and include them with your check payment.


    • ACH/Wire Payment

                        Motive Technologies, Inc

                        Account Number: 3302030700

                        Routing Number (ACH and Wire): 121140399

                        SWIFT CODE: SVBKUS6S

    Note: To pay your invoice via a Credit Card, please call us at +1 855-434-3564.



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