What is Driver Hub?

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To Motive Driver App



    The Driver Hub experience on the Motive Driver App allows Drivers to easily view important tasks, start workflows quickly, and access compliance tools – all in one place. Fleets can tailor the experience to different types of Drivers or a subset of Drivers.


    How Driver Hub Helps You

    • Simplify daily tasks: Easily view all items in one place.
    • Focus on what’s important: Understand key actions to complete.
    • Save time: Access and start workflows more quickly.
    • Track compliance: An HoS timer automatically pulls clocks into one view.


    Driver Hub Overview

    Driver Hub makes it easy for the Drivers to view their logs, important tasks, maintain workflows, and stay aware of the HoS time.

    • Driver Hub Features
    • Types of Driver App Homepage Views
      • Logs Required
      • Logs Not Required
      • Electronic Logbook

    Driver Hub Features

    1. Quick Links

    Quickly access different features including:

    • Logs
    • Support
    • Documents
    • Calling a contact
    • Messages
    • Inspection mode
    • Team driving
    • Connect to vehicle


    2. Tasks

    View feature highlights and kick off different workflows:

    • Compliance
    • Maintenance
    • Messages and broadcasts
    • Safety
    • Dispatch
    • App links


    3. Compliance Toolbox

    Get access to HOS and vehicle connection information:

    • Current duty status
    • Selected vehicle
    • HOS timer
    • HOS clocks
    • Vehicle selection



    Types of Driver App Homepage Views

    To cater to the needs of the Drivers, Driver Hub offers three Driver App homepage views based on log requirements.


    Logs Required

    • The logs Required category facilitates ELD Drivers by putting the Logs widget on the home screen with Support and Documents. This is for Drivers who are required to complete logs and must abide by the ELD regulations.


    Logs Not Required

    Logs Not Required category offers the Drivers access to Connect to Vehicle, Support, and Documents from the home screen. This is for Drivers who are not required to log.


    Electronic Logbook

    The electronic Logbook category enables the Drivers to view Logs, Support, and Documents on the home screen. This is for Drivers who must log, but don’t have to abide by ELD regulations.



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