How to create an Asset profile in Fleet Dashboard

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    The Asset Gateway is a solar-powered GPS tracker for assets, including construction equipment, heavy equipment, and trailers that provides location-based insights to help eliminate yard hunts, track usage for mileage-based maintenance, and prevent theft or misuse.


    Steps: Creating an Asset profile in Fleet Dashboard

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard, and click on Admin in the left-hand side menu.

    Admin new.png

    2. Click the Organization dropdown menu and select Assets from the list. 

    3. Click on + Add Asset button.


    4. To create your Asset Profile, you will have to fill out all fields with an asterisk. Under the General section, enter an Asset ID or asset name. If applicable, enter the VIN number.


    5. Under the Asset Details section, select the Asset Type from a list of predefined types. If there is no preferred option, select Other.

    • In the Year, Make, and Model fields, select a predefined value or enter your own custom value.
    • In the Length, Axles, GVWR, and GAWR, select a predefined value.
    • In the License field enter a custom value, update the Ownership status, and add any Notes if required.


    6. Details such as length and weight, if applicable, can be located on your trailer registration plate or trailer ID tag.


    7. Click on + Assign Asset Gateway button in order to assign an Asset Gateway SN to the asset on which the hardware is physically installed.


    Note: This step needs to be completed if you own an Asset Gateway otherwise you can skip to Step 9.



    Doing so opens the Assign Asset Gateway dialog. Here, you can assign an Asset Gateway SN to the asset on which the hardware is physically installed.


    8. Select the Asset Gateway Serial Number and click Assign.


    9. Click on Save.



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