How to set a Wi-Fi hotspot threshold for vehicles in your fleet

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    With the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, you can provide data directly to your drivers for their everyday use. With the Wi-Fi hotspot threshold feature, you can now ensure that a single device doesn’t use all your company’s data. Not only can you set a limit for your company to ensure devices do not use too much data, but you can also set up a limit per vehicle.


    Steps: Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot threshold


    Setting Threshold to Disable Wi-Fi Hotspot for All Vehicles in your Fleet

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon in the left-hand side menu.


    The Drivers page displays.

    2. Click on Company in the left-hand side menu.

    3. On the Company page, click on the Edit Company Information button.


    4. Scroll down to the Fleet Settings section and click on the Threshold to Disable Wi-Fi Hotspot Per Vehicle dropdown. This will allow you to set a data usage limit for all your vehicles. You can adjust the threshold to the value that works best for your fleet.

    5. Click on Save once the threshold is set.


    Note: The default vehicle threshold is 3GB. The Wi-Fi Hotspot feature gets disabled for each vehicle once its limit has been reached. This means that once a vehicle reaches 3GB of data usage, its Wi-Fi hotspot is disabled. In case the data plan’s limit for the company is reached, the Wi-Fi hotspot will be disabled before the vehicle threshold is reached.


    Setting Threshold to Disable Wi-Fi Hotspot for a particular Vehicle in your Fleet

    You can also set a limit for a specific vehicle that can shut off the Wi-Fi hotspot just for them. This allows you to put tighter restrictions on vehicles as necessary.


    1. To set up a vehicle threshold, click on Vehicles on the left-hand side menu.

    2. Click on Options under the Action column for the vehicle you want to adjust, and select Edit Vehicle in the dropdown menu.


    3. Scroll down to Threshold to Disable Wi-Fi Hotspot Per Vehicle to set a threshold limit that you want. Click on Save to save the changes.



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