How to turn on alert for AUX status change

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin >Alerts



    • It is necessary for the Fleet Admin to stay updated on when the equipment connected to their vehicles is activated or switched off. 
    • If the fleet uses our AUX cables to track when this equipment is in use, they can now be notified whenever the status changes. 
    • Fleet Admins can set alerts to receive notifications whenever the status of the equipment connected to the vehicle changes.
    • Common use cases for these alerts are when Fleet Managers would like to be notified if a panic button is pressed on the vehicle or if PTO is unexpectedly engaged.


    Steps: Turning on alert for AUX status change

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon.


    2. Click on Alerts in the left-hand side menu.
    3. Click on the + Create Alert button.

    Screenshot (68).png

    4. Enter a name for the alert in the Name field.
    5. From the dropdown of Alert Type choose AUX status change.
    6. Choose an equipment type and entities. 


    7. Select the recipients of the alert.
    8. Click on the Save button once done.


    Whenever the status of the equipment connected to the vehicle changes, the recipients will receive desktop alerts like the following:



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