What is Cellular Enabled Vehicle Gateway?

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    The cellular-enabled Vehicle Gateway is an optimized Electronic Logging Device that is in compliance with all aspects of FMCSA’s ELD Mandate. This self-contained Vehicle Gateway collects data directly from the vehicle’s ECU and transfers it to the Fleet Manager’s dashboard so that the Fleet Managers' can view the driver’s and vehicle’s performance in real-time.


    How Cellular Enabled Vehicle Gateway Helps You

    The Cellular enabled VG helps Fleet Manager’s to get insight into real-time performance of the drivers and vehicles. 


    Cellular Enabled Vehicle Gateway Overview

    • Our cell enabled Vehicle Gateway has a built-in sim card that allows the vehicle's location to be updated on our servers and the Fleet Manager’s dashboard in real-time. 
    • With it, you will be able to track the vehicle’s location throughout a trip, regardless of whether the phone is connected to the Vehicle Gateway or not. 
    • Our cellular-enabled Vehicle Gateway has a more reliable GPS than what is commonly found in smartphones and tablets today, as well as more accurate vehicle diagnostics. 
    • The Vehicle Gateway collects ongoing driver performance, idle time, and fuel consumption. 
    • This information is then updated on the Fleet Manager’s dashboard in real-time and the cellular enabled Vehicle Gateway will work in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 
    • Driver HOS data will still need to come from the Driver App on the driver’s cell or tablet device.

    If you are interested in our cellular-enabled Vehicle Gateway, please contact our sales team at sales@gomotive.com.


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