How to view vehicle's Location History

    Audience Fleet Managers, Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View > Vehicles



    Fleet Dashboard allows Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins to access the Location History of any vehicle they desire.


    Steps: Viewing vehicle Location history

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard. The Fleet View displays.

    2. Now, click on the Vehicles tab.


    3. To select a vehicle of your choice, use the filter to search it, or select a vehicle of your choice by scrolling down the list.

    4. Click on the vehicle you want to view the location history for.


    5. On the Vehicles page, you can view history through these two steps:
    6. Click on the History tab.
    7. Click on View Location History.


    8. Under the History tab, you can also use the Date filter to have a filtered view.


    9. Tap on a location pin on the map to view more details.


    Note: To protect the privacy of drivers, Motive only shows the location data when a driver’s duty status is set to Driving or On-Duty.


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