What is Event Severity?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Safety > Events



    Once enabled through company settings, Event Severity automatically assigns a severity level to video safety, braking and speeding events. Read below to learn how severity is determined for safety events.


    How Event Severity Helps You

    Event Severity helps Fleet Managers prioritize the safety event review process.


    Event Severity Overview

    When enabled, video safety, braking and speeding events will have one of the five available severity values (critical, high, medium, low) assigned.


    Speeding Severity

    The further over the speed limit the vehicle is traveling, the higher the severity of the event. Below are the exact definitions:

    Severity Speeding severity definition (based on average speed observed)
    Low < 6 mph over the posted speed limit for at least 1 minute
    Medium 6 -10 mph over the posted speed limit for at least 1 minute
    High 11-14 mph over the posted speed limit for at least 1 minute
    Critical >= 15 mph over the posted speed limit for at least 1 minute


    Video Safety Events (excluding braking)

    Video safety events are assigned a severity value based on behavior type, intensity, duration, traffic conditions, and environmental factors such as weather. 

    The chart below can be used to understand how to interpret the severity value on a video event.

    Severity  Description  Example 

    An event was triggered due to sensitive thresholds, but there were very few risks detected.

    There is likely nothing pressing to review in terms of Driver coaching and risk.

    A hard brake applied to stop at a signal that turned red at the last minute.

    A hard acceleration event before attempting to drive up a hill.


    Medium severity events may not require urgent attention.

    The videos are still considered valuable and could help with coaching conversations if multiple behaviors occurred.

    A Driver using their cellphone at low vehicle speed.

    A hard brake event at high speed with moderate traffic density.


    These events are worth reviewing quickly due to high-risk conditions and Driver behaviors.

    These events will provide useful visibility into driving conditions, and coaching is highly recommended.

    A Driver looking down or being distracted for more than 5 seconds while driving on a highway at a high speed.

    A Driver running a stop sign with dense traffic conditions


    Requires immediate attention.

    These are likely collisions or events where the Driver loses control of the vehicle.



    Braking Severity

    Braking events (with no other behaviors present) are assigned a severity value based on the rate of deceleration.

    Severity Braking severity definition
    Low 7.46 mph/s - 7.77 mph/s
    Medium 7.78 mph/s - 8.65 mph/s
    High 8.66 mph/s +



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